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Services We Offer:


  • Mental Health
  • Anti-Wrinkle injections

  • Dermatology

  • Sexual Health

  • Flu Vaccination

  • Medicals

  • General Services
  • Women's Health

  • Family Planning

  • Men's Health General

  • Children's Health

  • Chronic Disease Management

Under 6's GP
Visit Card

We have signed up for the Under 6's GP Visit Card. Parents & Guardians will need their own and their children's PPS numbers.

See the HSE page below for more information:

Women's Health & Family Planning:

Cervical Screening 

Cervical smears are performed to test for pre-cancerous cells in the cervix. Exposure to the human papilloma virus (HPV) is responsible for the development of almost all cervical cancers. The most common symptom of cervical cancer is vaginal bleeding (between periods) but often, women observe no symptoms at all. Cervical cancer is very treatable if detected early and that is why routine screening is essential for your health. 
We are registered smear-takers for the Cervical Check cancer screening programme.

You can check your eligibility here 

We can also take Cervical Smears for women not yet eligible under the scheme, and those who have had their smear on the cervical check scheme but would like to have another cervical smear test outside of the scheme. 
There is a vaccine available against the strains of HPV which can cause 70% of cervical cancers. We provide this vaccine at our surgery.

If you are sexually active and not planning a pregnancy at this time, you should be using an effective form of contraceptive. There are many options available and we are happy to discuss these options with you to enable you to make an informed decision about which method of contraception will best suit your lifestyle. We can also provide the Depo injection, Implanon insertion/removal and IUS (mirena coil insertion and removal).

If you are planning a pregnancy or thinking of starting a family, we can offer advice on family planning to you and your partner. We can provide information on contraception, pre-conception recommendations, and advice for those who are having difficulties conceiving. If you are planning a pregnancy, it is recommended that you take folic acid, (0.4mg a day for 3 months prior to conception, and for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy), and that your rubella status is checked prior to becoming pregnant.

Antenatal Care 
We are part of the state "Antenatal Combined Care Scheme".

Mental Health:

Disorders of mental health are common and may affect any age group. We provide holistic care for patients and families, who may be affected by depression, anxiety, bereavement, stress and other mood related conditions. Part of holistic health is understanding that physical conditions affect our emotional well being and that our emotional state impacts our physical health. We are trained to help you with challenging times in your life.

Children's Health:

All of the doctors in the Gables Medical Centre have worked in hospital paediatrics and have a wealth of experience caring for children and advising parents in a primary care setting. 
2 and 6 week infant check ups. Advice on infant feeding and nutrition. Child Health surveillance. 
Immunisations: The national immunisation website contains useful information for parents of all vaccinations included in the schedule.

Men's General Health:
  • Physical Complaints

  • Management of Erectile Dysfunction

  • Lifestyle Advice

  • Fertility Advice & Screening

  • Prostrate Screening

  • Sexual Health

  • STI Screening

  • Testicular Checks

  • Urinary Problems

Chronic Disease Management:
  • Asthma

  • COPD

  • Diabetes

  • Heart Disease

  • Blood Pressure

  • Cholesterol

  • Pre-employment Medicals 

  • Driving Licence 

  • Insurance Medicals 

  • Medico-legal reports

Flu Vaccination:

Flu vaccines are formulated to provide immunity against the most common strains of Influenza A & B of the current flu season. The decision to get the flu vaccine is an individual choice, but it is highly recommended for people who belong to certain risk categories (e.g. pregnant women, people with long term illnesses and those with compromised immune systems). The flu vaccine is free to people in the high-risk categories. Anyone outside these categories wishing to receive the vaccine will pay a fee.​

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